Im Büro: Nuria Fuster, Bodies


Opening: Friday, 13th January, 6 pm
Exhibition Dates: Friday, 13th January – Saturday, 11th February, 2012

‘Iron has a heart, and it has nerves.’ (Zoltan Kemény)

Hamish Morrison Galerie is very pleased to present the second solo exhibition of the Spanish artist Nuria Fuster (born in 1978), entitled ‘Bodies’.

Nuria Fuster creates her assemblages with objects that are familiar from our everyday world, and charged with experience. Metal, neon tubes, car seats, clothing and fabrics, such as furs or blankets, are released from their original responsibilities, arranged and rearranged, assembled into figures and translated into a new context. In a world marked by a population with an ever growing desire to consume, as well as expanding opportunities for consumption, in a world where things are usually not reused or repaired, but just bought new, these objects or materials undergo a kind of rebirth. Through their three-dimensionality, which is more clearly articulated through their assemblage, they become bodies in space.

Fuster records the sounds of her touching, exploring, and examining the surfaces of her materials. We participate in this process of exploration, because the recorded sounds are played back to us. Pablo Florez calls this method a kind of auscultation. With this kind of recording and its reproduction, Fuster succeeds in creating a multi-dimensionality. Materials are not just translated into a new being, the possibility of experiencing them sensually through seeing or touching is expanded to acoustic dimension in an act of synaesthetic perception. It becomes possible to follow and understand the artist’s engagement with her material, and simultaneously, the documentation and reproduction of this process becomes part of the work of art itself. The communication between the world and its creator can be made accessible and perceptible for us.

Just as the artists explores her material, auscultates it, we auscultate her actions, her work and its materials. Through this process and the possibility to experience it ourselves, we are invited if not to make a diagnosis, at least to undergo a kind of multi-sensory experience. 

Nuria Fuster was born in 1978 in Alcoi, Spain. She studied typography and sculpture at the Accademia di belle arti in Rome, and then got a Ph.D. from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. She has already participated in numerous exhibitions in Spain, but also in Germany, France, Italy, the US, and South America.  Her works are part of renowned European collections. This is Nuria Fuster’s second solo show in Berlin. She lives and works in Madrid.