Im Büro: Stefan Kübler 3DIm Büro: Stefan Kübler 3D

Stefan Kübler

Opening: Friday, 11th September, 6pm
Exhibition dates: 11th September - 24th October 2009

Hamish Morrison Galerie is pleased to present in their "Im Büro" space a solo exhibition by painter Stefan Kübler (*1968), who lives and works in Dresden.

Through his collages and paintings, Stefan Kübler demonstrates in an aesthetic that uses the deconstruction of the motif, how the image can distance the viewer and seduce him at the same time. His work is a challenge to the production of the work by playing with the conditions of information access and the different modes of cognition.

Kübler paints widely and finely in acrylic on a glass plate by superimposing many layers of paint. He takes off the dry paint layer and mounts it on a canvas, reversing the direction of reading. By literally inverting the paint layer, he plays with the mode of classical perception of the work. He suprises his own eyes by condemning the chimeric gate to the original subjectivity, the primitive image, the creative eye.

The eye is captured by the brilliance of the perfectly smooth paint layer, by its subtlety and the intensity of the colours. Optically driven to vertigo, the viewer has no choice but to proactively in motion to capture the canvas. The spectator participates with his whole body to make a contribution to the development, enhancing the effect of internal movement of the figurative paintings as well as the abstract.

Stefan Kübler explores through this particularly refined technique the mode of operation of the image. He questions in an intellectual and sensitive manner the construction mechanisms of reality and perception. Whether the impossible developed in his paintings or the kinetic effect and the concealment of the subject produced by accumulation in his collages, the artist invites you to enter the image actively and to experience it as a journey. By preventing the immediate and comprehensive understanding of reality, he forces the observer to resort to movement and therefore time. In a culture saturated with images often reduced to the status information for consumption and digested at a frenetic pace, Kübler proposes the rehabilitation of the eye and invites us to repeat the experience of the image.

Stefan Kübler, born in 1968 in Balingen Germany graduated in painting at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden, where he was Meisterschüler in class of Ralf Kerbach. He lives and works in Dresden