Im Büro: Silva Reichwein 3DIm Büro: Silva Reichwein 3D

Im Büro: Silva Reichwein

Exhibition dates: 30th October 2009 - 9th January 2010

Hamish Morrison Galerie is pleased to present `Im Büro´ an exhibition with the Zurich and Berlin based artist Silva Reichwein.

Strong looping brushstrokes dominate in Silva Reichwein’s abstract painting from the series „i’m gonna cross that river“. The oil paint – in pastel or strong tones - moves in dynamic turns and swings on the canvas. The brushstroke is applied in one continuous flow, showing painterly and sculptural qualities. In some paintings the circling movements seem to strive beyond the picture plane; in others they seem restricted by an invisible inner frame. The image levels are varied and appear in hierarchic or equal order. As a format the square is dominant, mostly small or middle sized. Through the strict square form – apparent as well in the alignment of the works – Reichwein „tames“ the often disordered, almost chaotic gesture on the canvas and in doing so she contrasts form and content in a dynamic way. As a complete body of work, the artist´s variations have an almost meditative effect; in her painterly rhetoric she quotes from art historic styles and eras; influences from Zen, calligraphy and music are noticeable. Reichwein creates works that stand for themselves and show a striking autonomy and presence, far from external references or intents of symbolistic interpretation.

„Fragmentary and growing, focused and unfocused, transparent and dense, dynamic and arrested compellingly belong together in Reichwein’s paintings, like the front and back of a coin. The artist has the special gift to grant her paintings visibility by working hard and following strict working principles. As soon as the paintings are `in the world´, they fascinate us with their surprising transitions, climatic changes and the enchanting `in between´ of composition and colour oscillation.” (Christoph Tannert)

Silva Reichwein was born in Zurich in 1965. She studied at the École Superieure d´Art Visuel, Geneva, and at the Universität der Künste, Berlin. 1993 she received her diploma as Master Scholar with Anna Oppermann.

The artist´s work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland and Hungary. She has received various scholarships and her work is present in various public and private collections.