Mikala Dwyer, Black Sun Blue Moon

Exhibition opening: 3rd February 2007, 6 pm
Exhibition duration: 3rd February - 3rd March 2007

The Australian artist Mikala Dwyer presents her first solo exhibition in Germany with Black Sun Blue Moon. A hanging garden ("The Hanging Smoking Garden") with more than a hundred free-floating plants transforms one room of the large industrial space of the Hamish Morrison Galerie in the Heidestrasse. The plants, "money-plants"  mostly, float in their micro-biospheres made of transparent plastics like planets in the cosmos of the gallery. The garden invites us to wander through the installation, to think and even smoke: ashtrays are integrated in some of the plastic containers, because, says Mikala Dwyer: "It's a fucked-up garden."

The inspiration for the exhibition's title are two small paintings with identical motives. With simple variance Mikala Dwyer copied a painting by her ten-year daughter Olive. The works are so similar or dissimilar in such a way as Mother and daughter are between themselves and at the same time exemplary of Mikala Dwyer's playful and performative way of working.

A circle of small sculptures, human, animal and mythological figurations, group themselves into a travesty of a shamanistic meeting. These creatures are the inhabitants of "Spielwiese", a village of crystalline architectural models made from plywood. These also developed out of play, without planning, but directly from haptic and energetic handling of the material.

 A further installation in the exhibition is the mountain ("Mountain") of transparent plastic. This mountain is sparkling and feather-light. This delightful contrast of closed forms and transparency, massive volume and lightness is a basic principle of Mikala Dwyer's: uniting apparent contrasts, and feigning of missing physical properties of the solidity of matter.

Mikala Dwyer explores fully the spatial possibilities the Hamish Morrison Galerie in the Heidestrasse with her installations, and opens therewith a row of large installative projects by international artists in this new gallery location