Jörg Scheibe, Terminal Beach

Exhibition dates: 12th January - 23rd February 2008

Hamish Morrison Galerie is proud to present its fourth solo exhibition of the Berlin-based painter Jörg Scheibe (born 1966 in Ebersbach, Saxony).

The predominant theme in Terminal Beach is of architectural elements, depicted in canvases that range from small to very large: escalators mirrored in panes of glass, the reflections fragmented until they reach almost Post-Cubist levels of distortion. These paintings closely resemble a group of digitally-manipulated images, wherein traditional painting forms an alliance with the virtual world.

Scheibe is already renowned for his brilliant rendition of reflecting surfaces, seen in his paintings of the shiny aluminium foil found in bouquets and in works where he paints mercurial distortions in photographs altered by computer. In the last couple of years he has also worked on his One-Euro Shop series, which mainly concentrates on stacks of Tupperware: the almost sinister abundance of goods and their virtuosic depiction stand in ironic contrast to the banal mundanity of the everyday motif. In such paintings, Scheibe is able to make a subtle critical comment on today’s consumerist society.

Another theme in these thought-provoking and sensuous paintings is materiality in which characteristics are turned into their opposite – a reflecting glass façade becomes a spaceship’s steel hull. In Scheibe’s paintings things become arbitrary, as in any substantial art: transparent glass can turn out to be hard metal and vice versa. And, like in Alice in Wonderland, the broken mirror becomes the central emblem of the fragmentary conceptions of modern reality. One thing is certain: when visiting Terminal Beach Alice would have a laptop with her.