Im Büro: Jörg Scheibe 3DIm Büro: Jörg Scheibe 3D

Jörg Scheibe, Im Büro

Opening: Friday, 11th June 2010, 6 PM
Exhibition dates: 12th June - 24th July 2010

“Is not everything just the inappropriate search of a convoy of passing objective elements out of which the glance collects its war-booty?” –Paul Virilio, The Aesthetics of Disappearance.

Hamish Morrison Galerie is pleased to present an exhibition of new collages by Jörg Scheibe in the gallery’s office space.

Scheibe’s collages are made from the remains of old screenprints, comic-book motifs that he originally printed fifteen years ago. Unhappy with the originals, the artist started to destroy them, tearing them into small pieces that would fit easily into garbage bags. As he did this, the random shapes seemed to offer both a promise of a final destination for the original prints and a denial of the dissatisfying images. Suddenly, they became interesting as material again. Scheibe began to reassemble the pieces in no particular order, giving them a new life and opening up new dimensions within his practice.

Rather than making formal or aesthetic predeterminations about how the collages should look, Scheibe follows the way the shapes fall, assisting the pieces in a process of self-organisation. He allows them to create their own relationships and hierarchies. Many twentieth-century artists used chance in their collages, either as a way to access the unconscious or to shatter the boundaries between the image and the world it represents. Scheibe, however, doesn’t have any nostalgia for such techniques. His own approach is completely rooted in today’s reality; he uses chance in his collages to create volatility within contemporary visual culture: “an admission,” as he describes it, “that the uniformity of the world has been lost”.

Scheibe is an artist who changes medium fluidly: from photo-realism, to abstraction, and now to collage. A single thread runs through these disparate strands – doubt. His works create a kind of anxiety: the photo-realistic painting that stems from a bad photo, for example; or the “abstract” painting which is in fact a copy of an image generated by computer software; and now, the small, chance collages made from the destruction of much larger, carefully planned pieces. Because his works “fail” to meet our expectations for them, they create a kind of crisis. But this crisis doesn’t belong to the work, or to the artist. It belongs to us, as viewers; Scheibe forces us to examine our own preconceptions about image making. His works are quiet confrontations in an over-exposed, image-saturated world.

Jörg Scheibe was born in 1966 in Ebersbach, Saxony. His work has been shown extensively throughout Germany. He has also exhibited internationally in Milan, Prague, Genoa, New York and Wellington, among other cities. His work is held in several public collections. He lives and works in Berlin.