Gabríela Friđriksdóttir, Ouroboros

Opening: Saturday, 29th September, 6pm
Exhibition Dates: 29th September – 3rd November 2007

Hamish Morrison Galerie is proud to present its second solo show of Icelandic artist Gabríela Friđriksdóttir (b. 1971, lives in Reykjavik). Following Friđriksdóttir’s "Versations Tetralogia" installation at the Venice Biennale in 2005, and her exhibition "Inside the Core" at the Migros Museum Zurich last year, the artist here presents a major new video work at Hamish Morrison Galerie in Berlin.

The new video, Ouroboros, will be shown together with accompanying drawings and paintings, as well as a monumental sculptural work. A musical performance will also be given by the artists that were involved in the production of Ouroboros at the opening of this exhibition.

The Ouroboros (“tail-devourer”) – is a dragon or serpent that bites its own tail thus forming a complete circle. One of the oldest mystical symbols, it originates from ancient Egyptian mythology where it was used to represent the sun and its eternal cyclical movement. Adopted by the Greeks, Romans and Norse as well as other more diverse mythologies such as Hindu, Ashanti and Aztec, the meaning of the Ouroboros has widened to symbolise the cycle of life and death, opposites in balance with each other, continuous renewal and the eternal unity of all things, thus by extension: infinity.

In Alchemy, the Ouroboros is perceived as having an archetypal significance to the human psyche, a view Gabríela Friđriksdóttir seems to share. The video, she explains, could be described as a journey through the seven vetebras of the snake, that together creates a universe of souls. For her, the meaning of life is all about people and being human, and it is with this focus that Friđriksdóttir produces her films, creating around the people that are close to her, friends and colleagues, who not only act but are also engaged as film crew. Following the performers through seven dreamlike scenes, Ouroboros circles associatively around the motives of birth and death, of departure and arrival, around the mutual relativity of being and ceasing to be, to express the core of the human soul.

On September 29th, in addition to the exhibition opening at Hamish Morrison Galerie, the Heidestrasse gallery precinct will be featuring a number of events, with the evening culminating in a joint coutryard party.
Events include a solo exhibition by Berlin artist Frank Badur at Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawings and the inauguration of two new galleries; Haunch of Venison, opening their spectacular new location in Berlin with an exhibition by Chinese artist Zhang Huan; and the newly-formed AA Gallery, launching with an installation by the artist group Artists Anonymous. There will also be an open-atelier of the artists’ studios sharing the Heidestrasse location. Please join us.