Fabian Seiz, Oben ist wie Unten

Exhibition opening: 17th March 2007, 6pm
Exhibition duration: 17th March - 28th April 2007

A model of the world is what Fabian Seiz, the young artist from Vienna, has built for his Berlin début at Hamish Morrison Galerie in Heidestraße. Mathematical and philosophical models are illustrated by alchemistic machines built of wood. At first sight it seems that these machines are assembled rather roughly, but then nothing in Seiz´s art is what it seems. It is only in the mechanisms of the onlookers´ minds that the machines start to work, and the big installation in the first half of the gallery is truly ambiguous: what seems to be a floor is in truth a ceiling.

One of the central tricks of Fabian Seiz´s machines is the suggestion that they are ready to be put to use. Their mechanisms are so elaborate that their prompt failure also questions the philosophical systems which they are symbolising. Seiz is continuously balancing on the borderline between scientific statement and pretension. His artistic representation is flirting with science, fully aware that this flirt is utterly hopeless.

Fabian Seiz uses mainly wood for his installations. Wood is like Vodka, with both a very simple raw material can be distilled into the most intoxicating product. But in the artist´s hands the characteristics of the raw materials are constantly changed and turned into their opposites. So the recurring pattern of thoughts produced and incorporated by Seiz´s machines is the paradox: they do not work and through this they do work.