Marike Schuurman, Time Zero

Marike Schuurman has always understood photography as an adequate process for transcending reality. She visits all sorts of places, observes patiently, and discovers details that elude modern people due to a long-internalised visual self-protection. Schuurman’s approach seems like the careful unfolding of a temporal map, on which unknown small creeks, estuaries and islands of time are marked. Marike Schuurman does not stage anything, she finds things. Her vision wrenches from reality its hidden surrealities, and captures them. The results are sometimes revealing, sometimes extremely poetic, but above all brilliantly composed.


Edited by Hamish Morrison Galerie
Text by Anne Ethelberg
Graphic Design by Willem van Zoetendaal
German / English
Berlin, 2012
10 Euro
Kindly supported by Mondriaan Fund and Kingdom of the Netherlands