Viktoria Tremmel

Born 1972 in Lauterach, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna.

Setting out to write about the work of Viktoria Tremmel, one is tempted to introduce the body as the central motif: the body as stage, the female body, the body as image, the body as a place, the wounded body, etc. Though her work itself fully justifies to stipulate such themes, putting it like this is evidence of a tendency to split reality into the body and its surroundings. The idea thus invoked is of an interior and an exterior, of an inwardness on the one hand and a culture on the other hand, which latter, coming from outside, seems foreign to this body, threatening and hurtful. This conflict between interior and exterior suggests that in interpreting the work we identify with the body and locate the reasons for its sensibility in an incongruent exterior. The result is the variable realization that the subject, the individual always runs the risk of falling apart because of the social and cultural conditions; lest it perish altogether, the individual has to get up time and again and take up a position that allows one a perspective on this tragicomic spectacle. The gaze is a means to create a distance which always and instantly is about to collapse in the confrontation with the outside. (...)
Reality as outlined by Viktoria Tremmel only knows of a single force that governs and runs equally through entities animate and inanimate. Inside and outside are nothing but variable perspectives on an analogous mechanism of action. Trying to get a grip on her aesthetic parameters, one always returns to this precise endeavor to find images for the ubiquity of this weight, this force, this cultural gravity against which she measures herself by providing a perspective on it – from a distance that does not exist. The case for the importance of the subject and the weight of identity that this subject is saddled with, thus comes under pressure. What is equally called into question is the idea of a culture that merely surrounds the subject.

Andreas Spiegl, The weight of gravity