Prudencio Irazabal

Acoustic Shadow, 2007

Irazábal is a classical painter who has been working on the growth of his oeuvre during the last twenty-five years, regardless of the regularly reoccurring declarations of the death of painting. Irazábal just paints. He cultivates a highly defined technique of abstract acrylic painting, adding a vast number of translucid layers onto each other, finished by a polished mirror-like surface.  Underneath this surface and in sharp contrast to it, an endless cosmos of diffuse colour spaces opens up. Irazábal`s paintings have the depth of outer space – drowned in colour.

Regardless of the linear development of his work, the paintings themselves turn out to be quite distinctively individual compositions. Regarding their level of abstraction and their varieties of differentiation in colour and tone, Prudencio Irazábal´s paintings resemble musical compositions. Like in a sonar, Irazábal´s technique of painting seems to generate two-dimensional pictures out of sound waves. His works appear to be music frozen into paintings.

Born 1954 in the Basque city of Puentelarrá, Irazábal has lived in New York for twenty years and moved back to his native Spain in 2008. His paintings have been shown extensively throught Europe, Canada and the United States. Collections include Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and Museo de Bellas Artes Álava.