Nuria Fuster

When Someone Melts a Menhir, 2013
Bodies, 2012
Structure Events, 2009

In a society in which the logic of the market is of prime interest, every existence must be justified. An old-fashioned, broken object that is of no use anymore, doesn’t deserve to be part of this world.

Nuria Fuster takes special interest in these remains and she puts them into a new relationship to one another and creates interaction and dialogue. Fuster gives us the chance to renew our relationship to our own every day reality that is focused on the expedience of things. She helps us to find beauty and surprise where we do not see or expect it anymore. Stigmatised with marks of violence, exhaustion, rupture and impropriety these objects are anachronistic and mainly out of use.
Arranging the objects the artist plays with the space around them, she constructs a sometimes stable sometimes precarious balance, which always has its own harmony.

Similar to an actor, whose personal story allows him to enrich a complex role with own changing emotions, the objects contribute their own personality to the scenes. Fuster is fond of these used objects that are remnants of our society, covered with marks and prints; like wrinkles in an old face they tell the story of a life. The objects “speak” to her in their own language about us and our own lifes.

Nuria Fuster disapproves of the dominance of consumerism in our society. She extends the lives of the objects not only in a technical but also in a spiritual way; as a mirror of our society, as ironic superelevation of objects, that we disdain although there existence can be so much longer than ours; with this confrontation Fuster urges us to question our own „practical value“ in society and to justify our own existence in this world.

Nuria Fuster, born in 1978, lives and works in Madrid. She studied Fine Arts in Rome and Madrid and has completed her PhD. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Spain as well as internationally, in Germany, France, Italy and the United States. She is scholar of the Fundación Marcelino Botín.