Jörg Scheibe

Disappearer, 2011
Im Büro, 2010
Terminal Beach, 2008

Jörg Scheibe was born in 1966 in Ebersbach, Saxony. He is an artist who changes medium fluidly: from photo-realism, to abstraction, to collage. A single thread runs through these disparate strands – doubt. His works create a kind of anxiety: the photo-realistic painting that stems from a bad photo, for example; or the “abstract” painting which is in fact a copy of an image generated by computer software; or the small, chance collages made from the destruction of much larger, carefully planned pieces. Because his works “fail” to meet our expectations for them, they create a kind of crisis. But this crisis doesn’t belong to the work, or to the artist. It belongs to us, as viewers; Scheibe forces us to examine our own preconceptions about image making. His works are quiet confrontations in an over-exposed, image-saturated world.

Scheibe’s work has been shown extensively throughout Germany. He has also exhibited internationally in Milan, Prague, Genoa, New York and Wellington, among other cities. His work is held in several public collections. He lives and works in Berlin.